Foundation – We are looking foward to the future with great expectations and hopes

  • Foundation – We are looking foward to the future with great expectations and hopes

    Foundation – We are looking foward to the future with great expectations and hopes

    Three years ago, when my co-founders and I came up with the idea of establishing a factory to manufacture large precision tools in Hungary, nine out of ten were doubtful.

    We were always convinced that the project could be implemented with due diligence and persistence. We just have to know the expectations, the framework for cooperation, rules and limits. So far we have got acquainted with these conditions, along with harmonization and coordination thereof.

    If I had to define what is required for this in one word I would use the expression collaboration because today it is impossible to start a business in a garage and grow up gradually to catch up with the big enterprises becuase technological requirements are strict, and there are enormous funding and other market entry constraints.

    Hungary is engaged in vicious competition with its neighbours in the region. It is also common ground that ever accelerating and shortening cycles of technical innovations exert a compelling force to production, i.e. a stronger interconnection develops between manufacture and innovation or research and development. We have to manufacture high quality products, while any enterprise which only produces goods but is not integrated into the chain of research and development will fall behind.

    But we do not want to fall behind and wish not merely to catch up but to take the lead at several points. Those technical geniuses of which Hungarian people can be justly proud and who improved Hungary’s reputation in the world are always before our eyes; building on this we think that we can show something to the world or do things no one else can do. These geniuses include Ábrahám Ganz, Ányos Jedlik, Donát Bánki, János Csonka, János Neumann, Tódor Kármán, Ede Teller, and the list could go on and on.

    Spinto’s project was implemented based on these principles, objectives and aspirations from the very beginning. It must also be emphasised that the success of the project thus far, i.e. that its implementation has been commenced, is attributable to the aforementioned collaboration.

    We are very proud that the project has got the status of priority investment from the perspective of national economy. This increased the prestige of the project in the eyes of many people. Those familiar with the industry knew that the government had supported an important investment.

    We are looking forward to the future with great expectations and hopes, and we have already learnt a lot from our Austrian. German, Slovak and Czech partners, in addition to the Hungarian ones. We are looking forward to starting our professional cooperation with the University of Miskolc as soon as possible, which looks very promising in the field of technical innovations, in addition to implementing dual training.

    The lawyers have already established the legal liabilities arising from the numerous contracts concluded in connection with the implementation of the project. On the other hand, certain liabilities have not been defined but we consider them even more important commitments. For us the most important thing is that this factory shall be built, shall commence operation and shall manufacture products and shall be integrated into the industrial network at domestic, regional and international levels alike. We owe this not only to ourselves but to our investors and all supporting partners. We hope that all of us who participate in the implementation of this project can proudly say pretty soon that the tool factory of Spinto has been established in Miskolc as a result of real collaborative efforts and it has come up to expectations.

    We hope that understanding the example set by Spinto and drawing strength therefrom more people will dare to dream big and brace themselves up to implement an undertaking that seems not to be feasible at first sight.

    János Pócs

Széchenyi 2020
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